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Welcome To My First Blog!

First of all I want to thank you for reading my very first blog post. My goal is to connect with each an every one of you! I have never considered myself a writer but lately I have felt a strong urge to want to connect with people through the art of writing. After reoccurring nights of insomnia I decided to go with my gut and publish my first post. So here I am. 

If your anything like me your probably dreaming about sunshine, turquoise waters, and wild tropical scenery. I have been craving this my entire life and I just can't seem to get enough. There is something so magical about island life which I can only recommend you experience yourself. The warm kisses from the suns gentle rays, the gifts from Mother Earth presenting themselves as ornaments from beautiful trees, and the welcoming spirits which lie within the people. Born and raised in the Caribbean on the small island of Puerto Rico I can say this has been emulsified in my blood. Vivid memories of laying on my Grandparents hammock and gazing into a starry night make their apparance from time to time. My relationship with my Grandparents is unlike many, at a young age I became very close to them as they quickly became like my second parents. Mornings at my Abuelitas house consisted of café con leche, quesitos, and pan sobao. Being that our first language was spanish my mother insited that we kept true to our native tongue. 

Almost Every Friday we packed our bags and prepared for our weekend long journey aboard Los Nietos. For as long as I can remember my Grandpa was a skilled mariner who navigated his Sporty Fisher between Fajardo, Icacos Island, and Culebra. Previous to Los Nietos was a boat named after me Keshia Mar which he had sold to a local island hopping family. From time to time we would see Keshia Mar anchored off Icacos White Sandy beaches. My Grandma being the natural adventurer she was would take us hiking on the backside of the island. Los Nietos "The Grand Kids" were my younger sister, two cousins, and myself. Island hopping every weekend allowed us to gain true appreciation for the ocean and nature at a young age. Both my sister and I were in the water shortly after we were born.

The Ocean has taught me many things, the importance of family, respect, determination, drive, focus, and true love. Learning to ride her waves and flow with her currents have molded and shaped every bit of me. Her true beauty and fierceness continues to inspire me. 

Peace & Much Love,

Keshia P.


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